Blane Hurie, LMT

Blane has over 30 years of experience as a professional licensed massage therapist and as a teacher at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy/Cortiva Institute in Newington, CT.  

As a massage therapist, Blane brings balance through integrating technical skill and anatomical knowledge with an intuitive approach to meet each clients' needs. Blane's intention is to create a safe, respectful, listening and caring environment to individualize each session. Blane has worked with a diversity of clients, from assisting athletes and musicians in mitigating the effects of their demanding professions to helping everyday clients with postural imbalances, stress and discomfort.

As an instructor, he has taught subjects as diverse as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, stretching, orthopedic massage, athletic massage and kinesiology. Blane has also taught continuing education at the school with workshops in The Art of Neck Massage, Massaging the Muscles of the Shoulder Girdle and Bringing Balance to the Low Back/Pelvis. 

Blane has been on a lifelong journey in the fields of health and healing. He recognizes the mind-body relationship, the role of emotions and stress in disease and pain, and the importance of balance not only in his clients' lives but also his own...

Specialties: Deep Tissue Massage, Orthopedic Massage, Swedish Massage


"I have been a client of Blane for over 18 years.  He thoughtfully applies his wealth of knowledge and experience to every massage. As a massage therapist myself, Blane has been extremely helpful with healing my overworked and often injured body. I am grateful for his healing energy.  Jim

I am a massage therapist who regularly drives an hour to get a massage from Blane. He has taught many of the massage therapists in the area and has better skills than anyone around. He can do both light touch and deep work depending upon the client's needs. He is the Best!  Elaine

Been going to Blane over 15 years for massage therapy after severe low back pain. I have been pain free since. Blane is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to his craft. We also know other therapists trained by Blane and they see the impact he has made on the profession.  Larry

I have been going regularly for massage with Blane for about a decade. Not only is he a very experienced and skilled massage therapist, but he is a caring and compassionate person who genuinely enjoys helping people. As a professional musician, I have many overuse issues and Blane has been superb at helping me with those problem areas. I consider my regular massages with Blane to be a crucial part of my general self-care.  Judy

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