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                                  What is a Hot Stone Massage?

A hot stone massage is a perfect way to melt away stress…literally. As the name indicates, a hot stone massage is when a licensed therapist places heated stones onto your back. Getting a hot stone massage is ideal for someone who wants the benefits of a deep tissue massage without the pressure.

Like using a heat compress for soreness, getting a hot stone massage can help promote relaxation throughout your muscles. Once the knots loosen up, your therapist is able to perform a deep tissue massage that has the soft touch of a Swedish massage. For the perfect combination of relaxation and pain relief, get a hot stone massage in Middlesex County at Cromwell Massage & Wellness.

                 How Does a Hot Stone Massage work?

When you think of getting a pampering massage in Cromwell, putting hot stones on your back might not cross your mind. However, our licensed therapists make sure

your experience is as pleasurable as it is therapeutic.

Gentle warmth on the skin makes hot stone massages

a favorite during harsh New England winters. Prior to

getting your hot stone massage in Cromwell, your

therapist heats the stones between 110° and 130° F.

We use basalt stones for a massage because these rocks

contains high iron content. Having an abundance of

this essential mineral allows the stone to maintain heat

for longer periods. 

The weight of the hot stones allows the heat to

penetrate past the skin barrier and into the tissues.

Continuous pressure caused by this added weight allows the tense tissues to slowly loosen up. From there, your licensed therapist can address localized issues. 

That’s why many athletes like to alternate their wellness regimens between a sports/athletic massage and a hot stone massage.

                What Are the benefits of Hot Stone Massage?

Besides feeling relaxed, there are many benefits to booking a hot stone massage in Middlesex County. Many people opt for a hot stone massage for chronic pain. The reason for this is because you can target the areas of pain at a slow pace.

With the combination of light pressure and heat caused by the stones, blood vessels underneath the skin will expand. When this happens, it improves the blood and energy flow through the arteries. Getting a hot stone massage prior to a lymph drainage treatment may be useful in speeding up the recovery time from an injury. 

Better circulation will not only improve your overall

wellness, but it will aid with rejuvenating skin cells. In

addition, the increase in blood flow through the arteries

will assist your body in naturally cleaning out dead cells

clogging up your skin barrier. 

Due to their naturally smooth exterior, heated basalt

stones easily glide over your skin. Entranced by the

rhythmic strokes of the hot stones, your cares will melt

away as stress levels naturally decrease.

Forget your troubles today by booking a hot stone massage in Middlesex County today.

    Where to Get a Hot Stone Massage in Middlesex County?

If you are thinking about getting a hot stone massage in Middlesex County, go where Connecticut residents have been visiting for almost three decades. Residents of Middlesex County have trusted their wellness needs with licensed therapists at Cromwell & Wellness since 1999.

Our licensed staff has a passion for what they do. Their knowledge, first-hand experience, and professionalism allow for a relaxing and therapeutic visit. We guarantee your body and mind will feel refreshed. So, be sure to book a hot stone massage in Cromwell today!

                How to Book a Hot Stone Massage in Cromwell?

Booking a hot stone massage in Cromwell, Connecticut has never been easier. Simply, click Book Now. Scroll down to find the Hot Stone Massage packages. Choose how long of a session you would like. 

We offer a Hot Stone massage in Cromwell in sessions of:

  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes

From there, you can pick from one of our therapists who are licensed to perform a Hot Stone massage in Middlesex County.

Learn more about our staff members:

Once your licensed therapist for a Hot Stone massage in Cromwell is selected, choose a date on their appointment calendar. All that’s left is to show up for your appointment and enjoy your experience. Get well by booking a Hot Stone massage in Middlesex County with us today.

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Cold Cromwell days often bring in clients seeking hot stone massage. Water-heated basalt stones, hand-picked for their heat-retention and healing properties, are applied to key points on your body, bringing every cell more oxygen and nutrients, and delivering your deepest relaxation.