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What is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymph drainage treatment is a light-pressure massage designed to accelerate the healing process, provide comfort to pain, and replenish your skin’s natural glow. Your licensed therapist achieves these wellness goals by applying the soft touch of a Thai massage while making circular motions with their hands over problem areas.
This delicate dance helps guide energy, blood, and lymph from away from the tissues. That way, the toxins can be easily flushed out of the system. Meanwhile, other beneficial cells get recycled as your licensed therapist helps initiate their flow back to the heart. 
Getting a lymph drainage massage is an excellent way to hit the reset button on your system, speed up the healing process, and rejuvenate stagnant cells. That’s why many people who get a lymph drainage massage in Cromwell, get this treatment alongside their Sports and Athletic Massage therapy..

                             What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is an essential cog in our immune system. As the massage name implies, the lymphatic system is a drainage network. Its primary function is to carry excessive liquid matter built up in our muscles out to the bloodstream.

Lymph Nodes

Along the journey, this liquid will go through a series of filters known as our lymph nodes. 

Lymph nodes protect the body from invaders entering the system. These internal filters are situated in several areas of the body. 

However, lymph nodes are most prevalent in:

  • Armpit
  • Neck
  • Groin

Lymph nodes serve many purposes, including:

  • Prohibiting the growth of pathogens
  • Flushing out harmful bacteria
  • Absorbing fatty substances
  • Fight off free radicals


​When we move around, our muscles contract. Like a garlic press, the muscles will squeeze out lymphatic fluid. Every day, the body releases 20 ounces of these liquids from our connective tissue. Lymphatic fluid makes up to 11% of the total liquid in our body. That’s why it’s so crucial to stay on top of your immune support by getting a lymph drainage massage in Cromwell.

             Why must you tend the the Lymphatic System?

While the lymphatic system helps direct excess fluids, it doesn’t work in circulation. Since there’s a one-way flow, these liquids are prone to clogging. They get stuck in areas between connective tissue. Over time, precious immune cells will die. 

As these cells oxidize, it leaves the muscles and tissues they’re trapped between prone to inflammation. This is why we encourage our community to get a lymph drainage massage in Middlesex County at Cromwell Massage & Wellness.

                What are Lymphatic Drainage Techniques? 

At Cromwell Massage & Wellness, our certified staff has the tools necessary to ensure your lymph drainage massage will leave you refreshed. Our team incorporates a number of techniques that have shown promise in improving immune support, muscle relief, and stress levels.


​Gliding is the ideal way to kick off a massage. This technique is an icebreaker for the body. By using massage oils, your licensed therapist can help set the tone for your rejuvenating experience.

Your therapist uses soft, gliding motions so that your consciousness and muscles both learn to relax. From there, they can pinpoint any problem areas and slowly begin to work. By using a gliding technique, you help condition the tissues to release. That’s why gliding is often the first step in a deep tissue massage as well.


Next, your licensed therapist will compress the skin and tissue in areas connected to the lymph drainage system. Doing this works in two ways. One, it will cause the stagnant liquids to shaken up. As a result, they will be easier to manipulate out of the tissues and into the bloodstream.

Secondly, compressing brings a little pressure to the area. That sends a signal to the immune system to send some fresh cells to the vicinity. Bringing more blood in is like spraying down the dirty counter before wiping it clean. You are adding fresh liquid to a semi-coagulated liquid, making it all one liquid that’s more manageable for draining.


​Stretching the skin allows the licensed therapist to be guiding your liquids back to the heart. During this phase, the skin is manipulated to follow your lymphatic system. This practice expedites the draining process. Plus, it’s very relaxing for the person getting the massage!


This technique is ideal for breaking up any liquids that are having trouble draining. By cupping the hands, you can provide a rhymtic and soothing experience for the person getting the lymph drainage treatment.

However, the licensed therapist can also continue their cupping technique along the same path they started during the stretching phase. Cupping techniques are just another relaxing way to move the drainage system along.

Benefits of a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

There are many reasons to get a lymph drainage massage in Cromwell. The most common is that lymph drainage treatment can boost your immune support, improve your skin health, and aid in recovery from injury.

However, many book a lymph drainage massage in Cromwell for:

  • Headaches
  • Acne
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Allergies
  • Stress reduction
  • Lymphedema
  • Cellulite
  • Cancer care
  • Post-pregnancy care

Seeing as the lymphatic system influences so many functions of the body, getting a lymph drainage massage in Cromwell can help you treat the body as a whole.

​Seeing as the lymphatic system influences so many functions of the body, getting a lymph drainage massage in Cromwell can help you treat the body as a whole. That’s why people have been getting lymph drainage treatments in Middlesex County at Cromwell Massage & Wellness for almost three decades strong!

Where to book Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Middlesex County?

​The lymphatic system is very nuanced. If you are going to get a lymph drainage massage in Middlesex County, be sure you choose a wellness center you can trust. Since 1999, Middlesex County residents have enjoyed lymph drainage treatments in Cromwell at Cromwell Massage & Wellness. 

At Cromwell Massage & Wellness, our team has the knowledge, skill-base, and the first-hand experience to provide you with the care you need. Our staff is empathetic to your needs and will go above and beyond to help you meet your wellness goals. That’s why Middlesex County residents choose CMW Wellness for their lymph drainage massage in Cromwell.

​  How to Book a Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Cromwell?

Booking a Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Cromwell, Connecticut has never been easier. Simply, click Book Now. Scroll down to find the Lymphatic Drainage packages. Choose how long of a session you would like. 

We offer Lymphatic Drainage in Cromwell in sessions of:

  • 60 minutes

From there, you can pick from one of our therapists who are licensed to perform Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Middlesex County.

Learn more about our staff members:

Once your licensed therapist for Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Cromwell is selected, choose a date on their appointment calendar. All that’s left is to show up for your appointment and enjoy your experience. Get well by booking Lymphatic Drainage in Middlesex County with us today.

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Lymph Drainage is a type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. Characterized by it's light pressure (less than 9 ounces), and circular movements, lymph drainage & is specifically useful for the swelling around injury sites, and drainage of emphedema sites (as after lymph node removal for cancer patients) 

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