On-Site Chair Massage:


What is an On-Site Chair Massage?

An on-site chair massage brings the benefits of a deep tissue massageThai massage, or Swedish massage into the privacy of your own building!

Cromwell Massage & Wellness has offered a wide variety of massages in Middlesex County for over two decades. Our licensed therapists handle everything you need to get an on-site chair massage in Cromwell or any of the surrounding areas. 

            What are the Benefits of an On-Site Chair Massage?

There are many benefits for choosing to hold an on-site chair massage in Middlesex County. For one, these sort of events is great for employee morale.

A recent study stated that 65% of employees find

work to be stressful. Let your employees’ cares

become putty in the hands in our licensed therapists

as they melt away stress in a building that usually

causes it. 

Getting an on-site chair massage in Cromwell is an

excellent way to tell your employees, “thank you.”

From sitting hunched over at a desk all day to

slouching behind the steering wheel, so much of our

workday add aches and pains to our bodies. 

By requesting an on-site corporate chair massage in

Middlesex County, you help alleviate some of the

pains that working may be causing fellow


With an on-site corporate chair massage, your employees will feel like their physical and emotional needs are being met. Plus, the boss could use a nice massage sometimes, too!

Getting an on-site corporate chair massage can also help regulate sleep patterns. Stress is one of our top disruptors of sleep. When we are faced with chronic stress, our body tends to produce an excessive amount of the hormone, cortisol. As cortisol builds up in the system, it leaves less room for the hormone, melatonin. 

Luckily, getting an on-site corporate chair massage can assist with lowering cortisol levels. Naturally, your employees’ melatonin levels will increase. Therefore, they won’t stay up all night, worrying about work the next day. Instead, they’ll show up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to seize the day!

Reasons for an On-Site Chair Massage in Cromwell

​Saying “thank you” to your employees or providing co-workers with a little self-care aren’t the only reasons to request an on-site chair massage in Middlesex County. There are many other instances where you might want to request this service.

Get an on-site chair massage in Middlesex County for your next:

  • Wellness Fair
  • Birthday Party
  • Anniversary
  • Retirement Building
  • Charity Function
  • Open House for School

As you can see, there are many situations where an on-site chair massage is the perfect touch for your get-together. Just make sure you choose the right company for your on-site corporate chair massage in Middlesex County so everyone can reap the benefits!

Where to Request an On-Site Chair Massage

in Middlesex County? 

If you are looking for an on-site chair massage in Middlesex County, be sure to go with Cromwell Massage & Wellness. Our licensed staff has served Middlesex County residents for almost three decades.

Every one of our team members is highly-qualified in standard massage techniques. They operate with extreme professionalism, balanced with a friendly nature. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art and in pristine condition. You will be proud to treat your friends, family, and employees with an on-site corporate chair massage with Cromwell Massage & Wellness.

How to Book an On-Site
Chair Massage in Cromwell?

Treating those around you to a relaxing massage has never been easier. Choose a team of licensed therapists that have been offering massages in Middlesex County since 1999. Pick Cromwell Massage & Wellness to host your on-site chair massage.

All you need to do is call us today at 860-635-7335. Provide us with the location and expected amount of people attending. With the required information, we can offer you a fair and affordable price for our services. Once we set a date, all you need to do is show up to your event. We’ll be there, ready to transform the lives of your peers. Call us at 860-635-7335  for inquiries and to book now.

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                  On-Site Chair Massage

We provide on-site chair massage, whether in Cromwell, Middletown, Rocky Hill, or anywhere in Middlesex County. We are able to staff your event, office wellness endeavor, or party needs with top-rated massage therapists, working on either clients in chairs or on tables. Call For Pricing.