Deep Tissue Massage:60-90min (80-$110)

Deep Tissue Massage is a frequently requested favorite. Slow firm strokes, and strong finger, forearm, or elbow pressure release the chronic patterns of contraction in the body.  Knots and bands of tissue melt away. Great for those with persistent tension or pain. 

​​Thai Massage: 60-90min (80-$110)

Thai massage is characterized by light- to medium-pressure, combined with stretching techniques. Getting a Thai massage may help redirect energy, improve flexibility, and alleviate sore areas.​​ 

A Thai massage is an all-immersive experience that promotes wholistic wellness throughout your system. Unlike the minimalist touch used in Swedish massages, licensed therapists will be more hands-on with your body during a Thai massage. 


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Swedish Massage:60-90min (80-$110)

 Swedish massage is characterized by light- to medium-pressure strokes with an emphasis on the therapist's hands "flowing" over the body, increasing circulation, and creating a sedating experience to maximize relaxation. ​ 

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Hot Stone Massage:60-90min (80-$110)

Cold Cromwell days often bring in clients seeking hot stone massage. Water-heated basalt stones, hand-picked for their heat-retention and healing properties, are applied to key points on your body, bringing every cell more oxygen and nutrients, and delivering your deepest relaxation. 

Reiki Massage:60-90min (80-$110)

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy technique to assist in clearing any blockages that may inhibit a positive energy flow, which may cause stress, fatigue and illness. The Practitioner lays their hands on or above the areas that are blocked while the client lays still and silent while receiving the energy.   Reiki can ease migraines/headaches, anxiety/stress, depression, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, digestive disorder, and may other ailments.​

​​​Acupressure Massage: 60-90min (80-$110)

Using the same points as in Acupuncture but are stimulated with finger pressure instead of with of a needle, Acupressure and Chinese medicine has been used for centuries and has been said to be an supplemental tool for a variety of ailments. 

Athletic Massage: 60-90min (80-$110)

An Orthopedic Massage designed specifically for athletes that are training for, participating in, or are transitioning from athletic events or have an active daily lifestyle.

Prenatal Massage:  60-90min (80-$110)

A massage for the most deserving person - the mother-to-be!  Therapists take careful consideration of your special needs and provide you with the utmost comfort.  You can actually lay face down on or special support system for pregnant women.​ 

​​​Craniosacral Therapy: 60-90min (80-$110)

Craniosacral Therapy uses a variety of very light touch and holds to balance the craniosacral system in the body which includes the bones, nerves, fluids, and connective tissue of the cranium and spinal area.